breakfast with the artist

a studio visit in Piazza St. Spirito 16

On the 23rd. of September I opened my studio for a visit with breakfast, a very nice idea, part of a three day festival “l’eredità delle donne” focused  on female artists

entrance of Piazza St.Spirito 16

It had been a lot of work to clean and set up the studio for this visit, but as always very good for me to arrange my work, see it from different angles, review all the hidden spots of this beautiful place where I have been working for so many years.

entrance and drawing table with note books 

Three rooms to set up, with quite a number of different work, but with the precious help of my friend and assistant Lilian Mattuschka   I made it and was really happy about it all. It was a bit like seeing my own work from afar as a visitor to my own studio. 

Lots of old things to discover anew, a fresh look, some wonder about how pieces from different periods can dialogue with each other.

entrance dialogue between found piece of metal, black lady and drawing

and a much clearer view on what my work is really about. It is about the sensation of time, the time that is spent by working on it, the time that is intrinsic in most of the materials I use, enhanced by the glances of my ladies. Their presence, their size which is a kind of measure for the rest.

Lili’s Austria, a collaboration with Lilian Mattuschka

Il salotto, the main exhibition room

the start of new work: fragments of wanderings ‘the column’
detail of the column

Austrian landscape detail

unexpected angle

the ladies room

white lady
the study with parts of ‘Bellaperforza’ and my most recent embroidery, part of  fragments of wandering
the sewing table in the thinking room

the workshop
and at the end ‘The breakfast’

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