the rest of-

work series: the rest of – 2007/2009

This series of work evolves around the idea of rest. Rest in the double meaning of something left behind and of moment of stop and relax.

All pieces are entirely made with products at “rest”, leftovers, wornouts,. Old textiles and other objects normally thrown away.

The embroiderie technique is the one our grandmothers used to repair holes in garments (mostly socks). This darment work was done in the evening, before going to bed especially in winter, it was work but also a kind of rest.

And also a smile about these colorful associations of nonsense, worn on the body, ornamental, strange but also so familiar, might mean a moment of rest.



Miss Italia, necklace recycled sunglasses, textile


incuro, silver, textile


bedroom talks, glass, textile


undecent, textile, glass beads


Japanese Nights, plastic comb, textile


Caviar, silver, textile, beads


Father and Son, textile, beads, gold


Japanese Nights, textile, lead, beads


Blume im Knopfloch, textile


spirits, plastic, textile


Shipwrecked, brass, textile, beads


Ring with Tears, tantalum, textile, beads


Miss Italia, sun glass, textile


Incuro, silver, textile

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