Coming Out – an Artist Statement



My artistic practice is based on the physical necessity to enter in a deep dialogue with the environment I live in, this comprises everything people, space, nature, time.

I feel a pressing need to understand and penetrate all that surrounds me, through the act of creating, composing, transforming and manually operate on the world itself.

The work I obsessively create is always and deeply material and process based. I try to escape the notion of time through repetition of gesture and continuous transformation of form and matter.

The materials and tools I use might be called ‘basic’ in the sense of simplicity and immediate gesture, I want show that there is always a way to actively live the space we are placed in and that there are no limits to transformation.

I want to create a formal, tactile and corporeal game between the body and the space it is placed in, to lead the viewer to take part in this/my sense of discovery and penetration.

The various materials I use for my work have in common the fact that the hand is the direct former or shaper I do want as less mediation(tool) between my body and the matter I shape. I need The direct interaction to leave part of the decision making to my hands and also to the intuition/chance of the moment.

I fill the space of life and dreams on the first hand with drawings which are the leitmotif for all my work. For me drawing is both action and thought and they bring forth the inner scope of my artistic practice, they are an attempt to stop the speed of time and reconcile present, past and future.

I am in research of realism, but do not desire to represent reality but to find a different totally secular, material and physical form of identification which I then might transform in order to comunicate and relate to the outside world.

I love to play with forms, materials and shapes and the objects I make range from textiles to jewellery to books and sculpture. There is no preference from one to the other and playful irony ad sometimes sarcasm are an important part for me. What is important is the moment of making itself and I strive  for technique and manual skill which once achieved can be dismissed again. I am conscious that my being a woman plays an important role in my work and I am consciously and unconsciously addressing gender issues through what and especially through how I make things. In this sense also the timing of my ‘coming out’ as an artist is relevant.
Only now at the beginning of the ‘third age’ I can concentrate all my energy on my artistic production, and the force and strength I feel is enormous.

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