Le Mongolfiere

Mongolfiera – in Italian – means hot air balloon. A name derived from its inventors, the Montgolfière brothers, and that sonically evokes nature and space.

An image of peaceful journeys, of flights that are only partially governed, not instruments of confrontation but of discreet encounter with the nearest sky, the mists, the clouds. A poetic more than a utilitarian invention.

The flight in a balloon, some said, cannot have a destination, at most a destiny.

Not that men have not tried to use them for other purposes, but their very conception has proved unsuitable for war, being instead closer to a dream.

And so they are in her mind and come out of her hands. Flying bodies that bear strange baskets and human and non-human passengers, moved and carried only by the wind.

The matter she uses for making them is very light. Paper, bits of wood, leaves. Just a little heavier than what dreams are made of.

It is a time were many feel like dreaming. And we know what the best dream is…

Maurizio Alampi

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Matilda’s desire for the New Year

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