Jewellery works

Jewellery is more than its physical appearance – Jewellery is saying yes to life

praying the sun, Aswan


For me creating jewellery is:

A Contribution to honor and adorn.
The mind of every human being seeks for beauty (even if it might not always be the same).
Plato said it and I believe it. The mind can find peace in the gesture and in the goal. 

An entrance into human size or the size of humanity
One of the most important aspects of jewellery regards size: jewels are small !
By making jewellery you face your own size, your own space.
And you can handle it with your hands

A Ritual
Making jewelry means to enter into a dimension of its own: while a piece is done certain processes are always the same, like a ritual, a prayer, a meditation.
 mind is released.

A Dialogue
Making a jewel is a continuous dialogue between mind and hands: no one leads, both collaborate and create in a kind of cross-fertilization. Making jewellery is a little reflection about humanistic issues, and scientific ones.

A Riddle
So many aspects to be solved, so many materials and processes to be tested. It is all in the right combination of rationality and intuition.

Ambiguity and cross contamination
Where is the border between art, craft, design and scientific experimentation? Jewellery is a bit all at once’: who calls himself artist, who artisan, who goldsmith, who designer, etc.. They all manage to find their own dimension.

In one word ALCHEMY

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