Doris Maninger
artist and educator
Home and work in Italy and Austria
contact: dorismaninger@me.com

Born in 1958 in Austria,  I studied painting at the Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste in Vienna and subsequently restoration  in Rome, specializing in guilding and fresco. In 1982 I moved definitely to Italy, first to the South – Calabria for 16 years and then Tuscany, Florence in 1998 and just recently a call back to the mother country Stiria in the South East of Austria.

I have worked throughout my life with a great variety of mediums, in many different ways, and to many different results,  linked together by my urge to make using my hands.

I find my fullfillment in the moment hands and mind work together, almost automatically, giving form.

A form, an object, a material catch my attention and a process of elaboration and transformation begins.

In 1998 I founded Alchimia jewellery school together with Lucia Massei in Florence and the school has reached goals I would have never dreamed of. And as it happens with answered prayers change becomes necessary nd so I left Alchimia in 2017 to start a new chapter of life as artist and educator in different parts of the world.

Drawing is my passion – and textile my love.

Jewellery was at first an “infatuation” with the medium metal, from solid to liquid passing through states of oxydation with incredible colours….

Then it was the act of transformation in itself, that caught me in its spell, like an Alchimist, creating gold out of lead, out of things rejected, thrown away, forgotten, outcasts.

I try not to be obvious, I want to surprise, to give the feeling that nothing can be taken for granted and left beside as already too known “Don’t search for security in “Things”, search for surprise and wonder.” Is what I try to teach to my students.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Doris,
    Now already such a long time ago, I am just really conscious that I’ve been meaning to thank you for your amazing hospitality and for just being who you are. It was fantastic to meet you and see Alchemia, while being able to stay right in the city. Magic in many ways. Also enjoyed just now seing your ceramic work on this site! If you ever make it all the way to Dunedin, New Zealand, you know you’ll always have a place to stay.

    PS: The Dunedin School of Art also offers a residency programme and has fantastic Ceramic facilities.
    Warmest regards

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    P.S: Sorry for my English level!

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