It is the fourth dimension that I am trying to explore. Through the repetition of an impulsive act I want to channel the action of forming in a performative endurance, aiming to master the senses and intellect of the spectator in a ‘hic et nunc’ continuous encounter. The one ephemeral act in the density of its perception can suspend and transform the experience of time. The inhabited form may live on or fade from existence.

Brooch, Papermachè, Resin, Alpaca

Brooch, Papermachè, Resin, Alpaca

This work is the continuation of my experiments in textile.
The soft and floating thread knotted, entangled, twirled, interlaced, felted….. forms a continuos cloth, a “nest” for our bodies a second skin, ornament and neccesity.

Was it Prometheus, the Forethinker who extended the knowledge of fire to the warmth of cloth.
Tutto senza intendimento facevano,
sinch’io loro insegnai la nascita
ed il tramonto delle stelle difficili.


brooch, papermachè, resin, alpaca

brooch, papermachè, resin, alpaca

The cloth turns into “stone” and what remains is just an idea of life that has been.

pendant, papermachè, resin, textile

pendant, papermachè, resin, textile

Seiling 9

sculpture, papermachè

Seiling 5

brooch, papermachè, resin, alpaca

Seiling 4

brooch, papermachè, resin, alpaca


Brooch, papermachè, resin, alpaca

Seiling 3

brooch, papermachè, resin, alpaca


Brooch, Papermachè, resin, alpaca

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