How did I get here

I studied in Austria, got a diploma in Graz, focus on languages
then I went to America, for one year
Orange County, CA, USA and this changed my life- I put my hands for the first time in the wet clay  – ceramics and Fine Art – I wanted to become a Craftsman/woman
My father did not take it too well, he wanted a diplomat
Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste, Vienna – they did not want me at the applied arts  – painting and Art History – I was about to become an artist, but I did not feel like it
I went away, Southern Italy, Calabria – and became a Mother

and a Restorator
studies of restoration techniques, Cosenza, Italy – guilding, fresko and woodsculpture, oil painting – hard work always on site in churches mostly
but also inspiring, exiting and a lot of other things…..
With two children restoration becomes impossible, so I move on to my secret passion since childhood – textile
weaving – a loom the biggest handloom, from Finland to Calabria – what a journey
but I am not stopping here:
jewellery has still to come
Florence – jewellery design and jewellery making
what an experience !!!!
Love at first sight and so it became Florence, together with Lucia Massei, we opened/founded/created  Alchimia
and are still continuing together with always new energy !!!!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “How did I get here

  1. Doris, I just saw your textiles, and love them. I took a 2 week class at Alchimia Oct 2011, and loved every min. I also have a floor loom, 4 harness, and have been thinking of selling it, because of not having time to do everything I want, but when I saw your work, I want to do that too! It looks like overshot, or a version of overshot. I enjoyed reading your blog this eve.

  2. Thanks a lot Roxy, of course I remember you, don’t sell your loom, even if you don’t have time now it could come again. Also mine is all packed up because I have no time right now, but I will get do it again I am sure

  3. Liebe Doris!
    Anlässlich deines /eures 35-jährigen Maturajubiläums gibt es ein Klassentreffen, bei dem wir dich auch gerne dabei hätten. Und zwar am 22. September um 14.00 in der Buschenschank Erart in Graz, Unterer Plattenweg 76. Über dein Kommen würde ich mich/würden wir uns sehr freuen.
    Ich habe das Interview mit dir auf Radio Steiermark gehört!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Helga Schicker

  4. Doris, I enjoyed reading your blog this morning about the trip to Dubai. It was like a mini vacation. I especially liked the comment about how Europeans argue about loss of culture. Here in the US you know we are in a big huge argument also, and at the root is “culture”. But in our case, the people who are the loudest are mourning the “loss of culture” when they could subjugate anyone who is not white, or even worse, white and male. Those people can not stand the fact that a black man could and did become president. That is a bit sad, because the US does have some regional culture that is worth keeping.

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