per un’antologia provvisoria di desideri elevati/ for a provisional anthology of elevated desires

desire for peace and a good breakfast

STUDIO STEFANIA MISCETTI is delighted to present per un’antologia provvisoria di desideri elevati (for a provisional anthology of elevated desires),
a solo exhibition by Doris Maninger curated by Veronica He and Pia Lauro.

The show features 38 hot-air balloons made from recycled materials, found objects and natural elements, with each balloon dedicated to a wish.
The project came about in the spring of 2020, as a response to the isolation imposed by the pandemic, when the artist asked friends, family and colleagues to make a wish that could be given a shape, while allowing each individual free reign over their thoughts and aspirations.

This freedom has created a chorus of perspectives made up of very different wishes, but which are bound together by the same strength and determination.

The anthology Doris Maninger has put together is, as its title suggests, provisional, one potentially still in the making – a collection of wishes ironically termed “elevated”, in an allusion both to their noble character and their suspension in mid-air.

The exhibition is rounded off with voice recordings that transform every wish into a sound piece. This part of the project was developed with Maurizio Alampi, who paired every wish with a short poetic text. Decidedly partial, these compositions provide only one of many possible readings.

For a provisional anthology of elevated desires is therefore a collection of the shapes our wishes can take, one in which the coexistence of artistic languages, together with a compositional method based on the circular and choric nature of thought, give life to what we might call an anthology of closeness – a story of the substance of human relationships.

The exhibition opening will also see the launch of the book entitled For a provisional anthology of elevated desires by Doris Maninger, Maurizio Alampi
and Mirza Kahriman, published by CURA.BOOKS and Motto, and distributed from November 25th.

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