Final presentation Alison Safford



Writing about a final presentation here in EKWC means the end of a residency and in the case of Alison this is pretty hard. She was my neighbour and became my friend and it seems we knew each other for years and not just for 4 weeks.



Final presentations mean to get all the 12 weeks you have spent here in EKWC to the point, you have to sum up, install, think about packaging, about getting all the final details done, you make your own resumee about the outcome of this intense period, you think about leaving your friends, about getting back to normal…..and its a huge stress…..




Alison got lots of help….. from Luzia





and from Samantha, who returned just to help her set up the three installations


it was a beautiful sight, these snowflakes which by getting nearer turned out to be all little white fingers, pointing at you and making you want to react



maybe with a bite ? A very ambiguos Christmas happening here ?



and her ships with the famous Hokusai wave – surreal and ambiguous kitsch coming from where?a kind of homemade and gentle Tsunami ? an invasion from outer space ?
Of course she had many more and the whole mass would have been really impressive, but not all of them were ready and the same happened to her misterious rocking houses


installed in the dark and moist clay room. But we got a glimpse of what it might be like when all finished and installed in a proper place. But this is also the charm of the final presentations, the work in progress mood you get and the insight into methods and working spaces.


and then the ritual of dressing up, and Alison had really highclass guests…


it was a charming evening that ended with a great dinner



and a memorable swim


under a romantic and drammatic Dutch sky




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