The day of the first kiln

I did it, my first kiln.


Kiln Nr.5 medium size was mine, what an excitement.


I needed a lot of help, it seems easy but there are many things to consider and to take care of


actually the so called leatherhard pieces are extremely fragile, and need to be handled with extreme care (I broke two legs of my ladies)

I fired directly up to 1280 degrees, almost the highest you can do and it is pretty risky, pieces can crack or deform or break. But I wanted the porcelain to reach immediately the vitrious state to get its hardness, lightness and white colour.

And I was lucky


Nothing broke and the porcelaine got its incredible quality


textile turned into hard and white sculpture without loosing its details and momentum.


and also my ladies in grey stoneware got an almost skinlike quality, only the broken leg remained






it was a great day and I can now contiunue to work with more knowledge of how to proceed. Lota of ideas and possibilities come up and wait to be realized.



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