about setting rules

Everyday a little blog entrance, this is the rule I set myself for the next month.

Setting rules was the theme of Christoph Zellweger’s  summer workshop at Alchimia.

Setting rules is of primary importance in any creative work.

I need rules to free myself from the infinite…

I need rules to stay  on the surface…

I need rules to break out…

I need rules to go deeper…

I need rules to discover the unexpected…

I need rules to reach the infinite…

I need rules not to become crazy…

I need rules to overcome my limits…

I need rules for measuring…

I need rules to play…

I need rules to live my life…

I need rules to jump over my fences…

I need rules to stop thinking…





This summer I was invited to the Turnov Symposium, a gathering of jewelers, we stayed together for 10 days in a wonderful town in the Bohemian paradise.
Each of us had to make a piece for the museum.
We had four days to work on it.
A big problem, four days to make something to remain “forever” in a museum. You want to be good, you don’t want to leave a “bad” record of yourself in a museum.
I searched for a concept, something deep and intelligent which I knew I could not find not like this in four days under the pressure to be “good”.

I searched for the rule: four days of crochet with iron wire, without stopping eight hours work for four days.

I would ask each of my 10 colleagues

to give me something
of their choice

to work into my piece;

like a spider entrapping the victim

I would not stop and had to accept

every gift I got, no choice.


It turned out as an almost mystical journey. I got very unsure on the way.
What am I doing ?
It is getting horrible;
I have to change something, it is getting too ugly;
How can I ever get this tiny granat in ?
Maybe I should just stop it and admit my failure,


But I did not give up I resisted, I made no esthetical decision I just followed the rules and the result has the size of a heart with eleven mysteries in it.

each side is different and even the tiny granat sits on a piece of wax ( a gift because I could not add or choose anything )

and now it sits in the museum and I am proud of it!

see you tomorrow

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