Sunday Morning

Sundaymorning@ekwc is an international workplace where artists, designers and architects explore the technical and artistic possibilities of ceramics.and it is the place where I will pass 12 weeks as artist in residence next summer.
It will be my first time away from Alchimia for such a long time, 12 weeks on my own in an appartment with studio and technicians to help develop my projects.

Ephemerals is the title of my project, until now in papermachè but to develop in porcelain.
Small figures, to construct, deconstruct and reconstruct for large scale sculpture – this is my workplan

hundreds of figures I want to make

and maybe the cat will help me.

The process  of making in this case resembles the mnemonic process of my brain, my attempt to remember,
the impossibility to do so totally,
the nebulous and foamy images that come back to me and the capability I have to create new figures and representations out of them.


The fear of such inevitable incompleteness, as well as the beauty of it is what attracts me the most.
Especially today where the velocity and amplitude of information, makes any experience brief,
any recollection more difficult, any remembering more volatile.

Tutto senza intendimento facevano,
sinch’io loro insegnai la nascita
ed il tramonto delle stelle difficili.



It is the fourth dimension that I am trying to explore.
Through the repetition of an impulsive act I want to channel the action of forming in a performative endurance, aiming to master the senses and intellect of the spectator in a ‘hic et nunc’ continuous encounter.
The one ephemeral act in the density of its perception can suspend and transform the experience of time.
The inhabited form may live on or fade from existence.

a wonderful Sundaymorning I wish to all

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