Gioiello/Jewel il figliolino preferito della Gioia

Jewel (Gioiello), the decoration of a body, an action of the heart – OF (de) COR (heart, core) ACTION – The only one necessary, because they (the jewels) preserve the living memory of the felicity of a whole life.

The rings on the hands, in memory of memorable years, of the years in which one swore allegiance to another body, to another life, to an ideal, to a dream.

The bracelets on the wrists to crown your hands, to bless, to indicate well the point where blood and strength flow to your hands, our very personal divinities here on earth. 

We have 10 deities at our service, all in the body, the ten fingers. In the Roman religion the Mani (in Latin: Dii Manes) were the souls of the dead. Their name comes from Latin and means Benevolent. They were sometimes identified with the deities of the underworld.

The hands are so important because they are what actually make us human, they are what can hold the light, intelligence, strength, in a single word, the love of the heart flows through the arms into our hands and from there to the Other.

Think about how precious rings are, they bless every finger.

For Africans, every finger has its own character, it’s very distinctive trait. The middle finger is the master of the heart, where the powerful energy of the heart arrives, directly without any side stream.

And then there are the necklaces to celebrate the neck and the throat. The place ‘par excellence’ of our creativity, the cradle of song and word. The cradle of every creation.

Because the Abracadabra of fairy tales, Avrah KaDabra, in Aramaic means I will create as I speak. The prologue of the Gospel of John strongly agrees with the fables, with his “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God”. It is unattainable that the greatest joys and consequently the most beautiful and most widespread jewels are going to honour the throat. Our real cradle?

Then there are the earrings, which are to praise our listening. The words that gained access becoming the fertilisers of our spirit. The words that were generated in our mother, the mother, the living flesh of our body. The thoughts that were pen and penis, bearers of a white seed, of light unbroken, healthy  and sound, the thoughts that came to our mind, sexually like a god, thanks to listening to the other. 

The earrings celebrate the fertilisation we have granted to our spirit.

And then of course,  only for a few, rare but memorable are the crowns.

Those which by right belong only to kings. And rightly so.

Because the crown encircles and embraces the head and if you are not a leader (header), especially of yourself, the crown cannot be manifested.

It is not your ‘joie’ and therefore cannot be your jewel.

And if you were prince, principle of a new circle of life, of a new year in the quadrant of history, of a new anus, in Latin, a new ring (anello), the crown’s sweet and glittering pet name? Maybe then

If you were a prince, within yourself principle of a new beginning and you defended it and made it grow without yielding to the lure of the past, without bending to the status quo, but honouring your Nature in you, natura in Latin the future participle of the verb to be born (nascere) and therefore, literally it means “All that will be born” from now on and always, from here on out forever.? Maybe then

Nature (natura) divinity of the future, not of the past as we always tend to believe. 

Divinity of the river that already can see all the streams and brooks that will bring him to entering into the sea but that despite this knowledge will have to live them, will have to discover them step by step on this journey.

That is if you are willing to become river from your source and you are ready to follow all directions then and only then will you become RE King. 

The Resh means in Hebrew Chief and simultaneously indicates the direction of a movement which is then discovered to be circular … and then the head, the beginning, will then be discovered to coincide with the end as Jesus well knew when he repeated in the Sermon on the Mountain: Blessed are the Last because they will be the First. And everyone thinks that it was a moral issue, while it was trivially geometric.

The Crown embraces the head the beginning and therefore also the End, the happy ending and encircles the head and from this it is surrounded. 

The crown on the head of a human being is the story of a pregnancy. And like a pregnant mother she is filled from the inside. Embraced from within by her man, her son and her daughter, to give birth to them until death will not part them. 

Human Beings, are those, in the Cosmos that carry the boundary of creation and light in the palm of the hand, on tiptoe

This is why I wrote that the ring is the most loved and desired jewel

This is why the crowns can only be worn by a few

This is why Indians have jewels that we do not attend. They celebrate the joys of the nose, where the light of creation becomes perfume and the jewels of ankles that become musical instruments  Because they know that our steps on earth are in truth the words of our body, of the moving tree that is our body, of the river that we are that flows from the past to the future.

And now I think it’s obvious, even for me, because years ago I wrote that Gioiello is the male pet name of Gioia, her favorite little son. Because really if you don’t have it in your body, buying it and wearing it is just a lie……..

text by Claudia Fabris for the exhibition: Gioiello, il figliolo preferito della Gioia, Studio Stefania Miscetti, rome 5/12/19 -25/01/20

translated at her best by Doris Maninger

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