selection, selection, selection

Some months ago I invited Martino Margheri a friend and wonderful photographer to shoot a series of photos in my studio. I wanted to document a certain state of mind and of things and to ‘freeze’ a moment for myself.

I wanted to see my studio and with it my work through the eyes of somebody else, what would be chosen, what would be enhanced, what would be left out…….
Isn’t work always about selection, or better living equals selecting, what does our brain decide to select of the innumerable inputs that arrive every second through our nerves.

Martino selected 40 shots from many more he took, I did not see the discarded ones and did not interfere in his selection. Now in this post I selected again the 20 photos I wanted to show. Are they the best ones -no they are the ones that in this given moment of time, I selected to go on the internet, and maybe some might be chosen by someone I don’t know and end up in another selection, selection, selection

the drawing room




ladies every where and then

they guide the visitors through the space, watching, listening, but at the end the visitor knows they don’t care





a room to really work, what is real work? hammers files, some little machine

the goldsmith table



the thinking room

books, computer, writing table, the window to lean out and observe the square below

and again ladies watching….




but also not


the multipurpose exhibition room






and drawings on the walls







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