Magic December


natale - 7

December means magic,
only for children ?
the month most craved for, more than July and August.
Christmas with all its surprises, the old ending the new beginning……………
Rituals so necessary to human life, traditions that go back much further than the birth of Christ.
The shortest day in the year, the winter solstice,
six months of contraction, six months of slow loss of light and then the change,
like a u-turn,

IMG_8024 IMG_8026 IMG_8029

a new start is possible
we can forget the old and begin all over again, maybe.

EPSON scanner image

feeling part of something bigger,
entering in the eyes of a child
the final contraction and the light of the ritual cleaning your soul


EPSON scanner image

and then the new start,
everything fresh
a slow start not all the light at once
just some minutes a day
cold, fresh air,
hopefully snow falling, covering the loss and the gaps

natale - 3

Do to the other what you would like done for you.

All the best


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