My Final Presentation at the EKWC


Yes it took me more than three months to make a post about my own final presentation at the EKWC. It almost seems ages ago. I have been writing a lot on the Alchimia blog but I could not find the time to report about my own work. Good ? Bad ? I don’t know, it is hard to write about oneself and much easier to write about others. But now I decide that I just have to do it before……………… before its too late!


It was a breathtaking moment for me. My ladies on their blankets on the floor, my studio completely cleaned up. Everything taken away, drawings, textiles, tables ….I decided for a totally clean presentation.


It had been a hard decision, to leave all out and only show ladies and babies, but I needed to clean myself up after these three months of compulsory production.


It took me three days to decide the position of each lady, shifting them around, rearranging over and over again.


putting together the army of babies and letting go of the not strictly necessary


At the end I was happy and could say please come in and see….


a lot of friends came and made me really happy


What an emotion to see the reaction and try to answer all the questions


today when I think about these three months everything seems almost a dream, I can surely say that this period was one of the most beautiful of my life.

Dense and solitary, not always easy, often full of doubts, what am I doing here, am I really an artist, maybe I should stop it, maybe what I am doing is just ridiculous……


but at the end my final decision – yes, it is a great work, and I am an artist !


my mind following my hands – intuitive decisions – being able to give up to your hands – allowing yourself to be seriously not serious


spending three months in making thousands of babies and naked ladies


and lots and lots of friends!

A big thank you to all the staff who helped me to fullfill this obsession of mine………..


maybe lets hope I will be able to come back one day, obsessions need to be continued……








5 thoughts on “My Final Presentation at the EKWC

    • Thank you very much Marit. I really hope we will meet somewhere someplace again. What about Leipzig? I also really long to come to Norway once. Maybe there is some interesting Artist Residency. The experience in Holland got me drugged need to do it, there is an interesting one in Iceland I saw. Its good to keep dreaming and then… might become real

      Inviato da


  1. Nice to hear you had a good time in Holland. It was a great presentation and a lovely diner. I even saw myself on one of the pictures. Hopefully you’ll come back a second time.

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