The columns of Jieun Yoo


White or better “bluish” white : pillars, obelisks, piles, stacks, stanchions, balusters, poles, posts..
It is difficult to find the right word for Jieun’s amazing work, maybe ghosts could be also a good description because they appear suddenly and their presence is both strongly real but also fading into translucent white like a shadow of some alien presence.




Jieun tried and succeeded in a technically extremely difficult process, it was incredible to watch her determination to master and dominate material, process and form. At the end of her residency she almost worked round the clock every day to get her project to the end.When her last kiln was fired the whole EKWC was with her.


It took hours to build it up, and Rob the kiln master made a fantastic installation.


One of the ladies entered for good luck, and Rob got help and good wishes from all sides


You can imagine the happiness when all succeeded


and the friends arrived for her presentation




You can see the difference between the first trials and the last ones, but actually a lot of people really appreciate also the “swaying columns” but  Jieun wanted them straight and she got them.


and as we would say in German “Hut ab” (hat off)  Jieun for your enterprise.

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