After 1 week or the day of firing

one week full of  new people, new notions, new tools, new materials, new words, new surroundings, new rules, new food, new habits


What is the most important among all this new things – maybe my studio, airy and full of light and cozy and segregated at the same time. Every morning I open the door I am happy to enter to see and feel it. I walk around for a while looking/staring/touching the things I did

at the creatures I have been making


I touch the first fired trials – what an amazing feeling – the white porcelain is so light and so hard and strong at the same time, and the contrast to the soft and flexible textile is amazing, and inspiring. All the details of the stitches are reproduced in the porcelain, so it almost seems textile, but then you see a suddent break and you understand that there are different forces at work. This is the accident I did not expect, the accident that opens a new door of understanding, the accident I was hoping to experience.







so I dance around among all these things with a feeling of absolute luxury



how could one not do it








then the massage clock rings – ever got a massage from a seven year old very determined girl,  extremely professional, glass os water, timer and discount rate for everyday package


and then there is Ipek next door, she gave me the first porcelain to try with and is answering all my stupid questions with absolute patience. She makes these wonderul vessels, that seem ceremonial objects for sacrifice in  their absolute perfection of form, colour, weight and above all surface. Check out her website:

and then there are the dogs


familiar and distant


frightening and sweet


contemporary and ancestral – like the always known image of a myth diving out of your unconscious. You startle but know this image has been always there and will certainly never leave you again.


Birgit Saupe is the author and this work, as far as I can understand, is also tecnically amazing.

The dogs are 12, lifesize and cast in Bone China the whitest existing porcelaine. Please check out Birgits work:

Then in the evening or often also in the early morning, we go swimming……..


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