88 days to go

Maybe I should stop counting the days and give them titles instead. The title of this day would be:


standing on my own feet.



the studio is filling up, more with textiles than with clay for now,





but the clay is advancing, and some trials make me quite happy. Tomorrow I will be able to fire the first porcelaine ones,


together with Birgit’s huge dogs. There I will see if I can continue or if they will crack and break.


the title of the day comes back, feet everywhere and I am actually trying to make a pretty big one.


apart the EKWC, important places beach, river




cathedral – but only for aesthetic reasons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “88 days to go

  1. I will be looking forward to jewellry made from porcelain. I have been working recently with abandoned PVC pipe. It gets broken, left in the street, and when polished looks like ivory or bone. The porcelain will have a wonderful quality also, dirt into jewels. Well, a special dirt with something else added.

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