90 days to go


90 days to go in studio nine.


it is a huge studio, will I be able to fill it up ? I am the only new comer this week and the spaces and huge works of some other residents are truly intimidating


the only furniture apart a table is this electric mill, which I dont know how to use as all the other enormous machines



good to know that also my friend Ineke Heerkens was taken over by the sizes but decided to stick to small and intimate. If you want to know more about Ineke’s work at EKWC click here

And then many years ago it was also Ruudt Peters’ studio, so at the end I am confident that I will be able to handle it all.


and surely the wonderful weather I brought (maybe) from Italy helps.


working schedules are strict and the titanic bell rings for presentations, studio visits and … meals.


first trials with porcelaine, its so soft but takes the textile patterns wonderfully


and creatures will soon populate the studio.




5 thoughts on “90 days to go

  1. Doris, che bello!!! Ti seguirò per tutto il percorso! Eh, tu lo sai che da qualche parte nel web c’è una tua fan.

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