Hazardous experiments: the continuation

Starting to unpack all our experimental boxes.  What will we find ? How are we going to show them all ?


Beautiful and very big space to fill with hundreds of small material experiments


first step: spread it all out……..and then try, try, try…….

fortunately we had this construction foam matching perfectly the colours of the floor and the walls, practically a miracle….

And then there was a glue gun, many, many pins, quite a number of intelligent and creative minds and the will to work it out together !!


the “Cerveza” was maybe also of help

and so we did it very fast, really professional teamwork


the result was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! an amazing exhibition.



lots of people came and all were interested to know about  our working and teaching

the Operations Team members explained everything, and the visitors were happy to able to touch, feel and smell all the experiments spread out in the show


and then after the work we had also some relax

as suggested by Pablo in one of the many amazing graffity paintings we discovered all around Valencia









at every angle some surprise could turn up, and going the same street I could discover something new each time




some more violent,

some very poetic,

others amazing and funny

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