Hazardous Experiments, the beginning

An exhibition I cocurated together with Peter Bauhuis and the Alchimia second year students part of the wonderful event  concentrated on contemporary jewelry organized in Valencia: Valencia Meltingpoint 2012
We formed together the Alchimia Special Hazards Operation Team.

Peter Bauhuis, Valentina Caporali, Chiara Cavallo,
Ha Na Choi, Anna Drexel, Lena Grabher,
Doris Maninger, Enrica Prazzoli, Lavinia Rossetti,
Yu Qi Tan, Nur Terun, Francesca Urciuoli

To know more about the whole project please see the blog: hazardousexperiments.eu

I will begin here with the documentation of our arrival in Valencia and the start of the exhibition set up.

where are we and how will we get anywhere ?

found it let’s go……

first obstacle, getting through the barriers

seems easy………

sometimes all went well

but YuQi got stuck

Peter made it at the end

The first Cerveza in Valencia, Spanish Air, how wonderful

the hazardous box

first attempts to organize the mess

then the hunger took over, fortunately in Spain you can eat also at midnight, if we were in Belgium no chance…….
Starvation would have been our fate!

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