Nubre – a fairy tale ?

In two days I will leave for the design conference Nuqat in Dubai.
And before leaving I need to explain how it began.

Azza Fahmy, the famous Egyptian designer started it all with the help of the European Delegation in Cairo.

A project to enhance cultural heritage  in one of Egypts most beautiful regions: Aswan in Nubia.
Azza invited me and Alchimia to collaborate in the project and workshops, advising schools and teachers in Europe for participation.
I was happy and honoured to work with Azza and her team and the results for all of us, organizatores, teachers and students was wonderful.
The project started with my workshop called “linking heritage to contemporary” in May 2011 and the last workshop will take place from the 20-24th of March 2012, followed by various exhibitions showing the outcomes of the workshops in Cairo and Aswan.

To know more about Nubre please visit the website:

I will leave you with just photos, all seemed to belong just to one thousand and one night and difficult are words and descriptions unless one is a poet and storyteller

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