Spring is starting

after the terrible cold……the new is starting
some photos to make you all jealous

that's not me


brooch, recycled textile

Blume im Knopfloch, flower in the buttonhole is the title of this brooch I made some time ago – it is a spring brooch

sitting outside

What is one of the most wonderful things – sitting in a cafè  getting caressed by the newborn sun.

using sunglasses of course

am I or am I not in Italy ? This is a brooch of the Miss Italia series, all upcycled

spring flowers

No, this picture is a lie, it was taken in August in Austria

this seems a lie but no its real

Florence has the most incredible evening colours, unfortunately my  phone is not taking perfect pictures, but you can get an idea.

at the end my three spirits, part of the installation “vestizioni”


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