textile techniques in metal – a weekend course

15 hours of chrochet and interlacing,

silver wire

wires all over the place, from silver to aluminium to iron,  only gold was missing – too expensve for learning of course

We began with free interlacing over a form out of foam, a really interesting technique and you just need foam, the one used for construction, a knitting needle, 1 pair of pliers and that’s it.

2 interlaced balls iron and silver

here you can see the outcomes, the foam will be dissolved in Aceton and you get an hard and  empty wire structure

the we passe to crochet – nothing else than wire and a hook

crochet is an incredible technique, very “young” in contrast to most needlework – and was invented in France in the 19th century, becoming soon extremely popular

hairpin lace in coated copper

Crochet is a French word  meaning hook – and with this hook and a thread or wire we can create worlds, it is an extremily versatile technique, the stitches can be mixed in every way – we could say that crochet is a world with just one rule – creating loops to slip a wire through

the students were encouraged to work without a plan, exercising the stitches,  letting the pieces grow by themselves

faults are used to become surprising decorations, if a wire breakes the hole can be closed with another wire, nothing is definite in crochet

maybe this is the reason why it has fascinated me since I was a little girl, nothing is definite
you can alsways hook in and continue

but of course you need patience, and willing fingers

it is meditative, you can forget yourself over the loops

infact we did far more than 15 hours and the students also worked  at home

and everybody finished at least 1 piece of jewellery and some the first one in their life

Giovanna is proud of her first necklace

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