Hello world!

This is the message you get automatically when creating a blog. It is a strange feeling, you can send your messages, your images and whatever comes to your mind (almost whatever) out into the pixel world, who is going to read, you don’t know.

I have been administrating the alchimia blog for a while, but writing as admin is different. It could be somebody else, nobody knows exactly who this admin is whereas in your personal blog you write about yourself and this is clear to the “world”.
This fact makes things more difficult, what do I want to tell and  show, what will people think, how will they judge me ?

I had to set up this blog because my web-site crashed and for professional reasons I need to be in the web. I will have a new web-site soon, but web-sites are static and they demand more work to update.

So I started the blog and the question comes up “What face do I want to show”?

The serious professional one, talking about myself in third person and sign with fake names ?

The diary intimate one, I just say what comes to my mind and share it with the “world” ?

The distant one, just facts and nothing else ?

I decided at the end for a “mixed media” (am I or not a mixed media artist ?), a little bit of everything but nothing serious, a way to get a distance (a good excuse against attacks).
I have always had difficulties to take definite decisions, doubt is always present – exactly what Pope Ratzinger condems as the worst kind of attitude – so probably no paradise.
( intimate diary face)

But it is as it is and so the final decision is the mixed media face!

and with this introduction I say “hello” to the world.

Florence, the 19.th of January 2012

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Doris so happy of the mixed media decision!!! I share your “hello world statement”, I keep me asking this kind of things. I love to know how people get to places, thank you for sharing!!! Un forte abbraccio!

    • I thought a lot about it, it is a strange thing to write to the world/not knowing who is going to see, what kind of thoughts you arouse.
      It has something sinister but also exiting. I will try to keep this mixed media face up without getting lost in Cyberspace.

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